Let's Do This

Let’s Do This

I never knew starting a craft beer blog would be so hard.

When was the last time you started something new?

Did you plan and plan just to consider walking away? I hope not . . .

But that is where I was; on the verge of starting this blog but somehow also on the verge of walking away from it.  The hardest part about starting something new is the STARTING. And that couldn’t be more true about this blog.


I know, I know . . . . it’s just a craft beer blog – what could be so hard?


The truth is, I have spent countless hours, days and months thinking about starting this blog. Tinkering with the look of the website. Brainstorming potential topics. So much time that I could’ve easily launched it a long time ago. But procrastinating is something I do really well; it is probably my most refined skill at this point. I mean, who doesn’t love procrastinating??

I’ve enjoyed the research, marketing podcasts and How-To videos on website creation but now it is time to hit that Publish button. LET’S DO THIS!


Who is Craft Beer Joe?

Well it’s me or at least my online screen name . . .  find me on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Untappd.

As you may have guessed my name is Joe and I enjoy craft beer.

I am a Cincinnati native that values his Faith, Family and Friends. And while I love craft beer; those three come first.

So Craft Beer Joe is me and now it is also the name of my blog that will be focused on the craft beer community.


Why Start a Blog?

I was introduced to craft beer years go by my brother (more on that in my next post). Based on his influence, I had tried a handful of craft beers but had not found my passion for it yet. Then a few years ago, I decided wanted a way to discover more about beer. My friend, @craftbeeray (check him out – Twitter / Instagram),  told me that the craft beer world was on Instagram and told me to join in. So I created an account with the hope that I could share my thoughts and learn more about what craft beer was all about.


I was amazed; people love engaging around craft beer.


And it was not just about the beverage that we call beer. It was about the people, the breweries, the experience – it was all about a community of people that shared the same passions. This encouraged me and taught me more than I ever imagined. And now I aim to create more conversations through blogging about craft beer.


What You Can Expect?

Craft Beer Joe is all about craft beer, the community and what it means to be a part of it. My goal is to write about the things that I love about craft beer. The posts might be about local events, a new brewery, tips & tricks for newcomers, or my response to trending new stories. My first few posts will help you know me better.

Topics will vary and probably change over time but my promise is to post honestly and keep it positive. This is not a place to criticize but rather celebrate the hobby that we love.

I am far from perfect so learning more about craft beer and blogging will be a large part of the process. I look forward to this and hope you come along with me.


So welcome to Craft Beer Joe! I hope you find value in my posts and are compelled to follow along.

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