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My Name Is Joe And I Drink Craft Beer

 . . . but you probably already guessed that.

Thanks for checking out my site and wanting to know about Craft Beer Joe.

I am in my mid 30’s, live in Cincinnati with my beautiful wife and have three amazing kids.

Being with family is really important to me so I spend my free time with them. When possible, I drag them along to a brewery or two.

Cincinnati has been my home my entire life, so I’ve got a lot of passion for what my city has to offer – including our great craft beer.

I started enjoying craft beer just a few years ago, so I am relatively new to this world and learning more about it all of the time.

You’ll find that I enjoy most styles of craft beer but I drink more IPAs and stouts than anything else.

And I love to find ways to give back to the community. Recently, I was lucky enough to work with a local non-profit, Starfire Council, to produce their annual event. Check out this article learn how they are giving back and how craft beer is a part of their efforts.

What You Can Expect

Craft Beer Joe is place for us to learn more about the craft beer and the craft beer community.

It is all about getting to know more about craft beer.

We’ll discuss what craft beer is and isn’t. There will be articles about beer styles, events and the community.

So if you like craft beer; you’ll like Craft Beer Joe.

Some articles will be focused on Cincinnati but most will be interesting no matter where you live or how much you know about craft beer.

My goal is to be your trusted source for all things craft beer.

So join me as I Drink. Discuss. Repeat.


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