Brewery Who Owns Who List

Brewery Who Owns Who List

One of my goals is to provide information to help you make better choices when it comes to beer. That includes discussing different styles, hops, and brewing methods. We can all learn from discussions about what makes beer great and what is considered real craft beer.

Furthermore, who owns the brewery is a major factor to many. Some may tell you that flavor is all that matters while others insist that buying beer from small, independent breweries is the only thing that matters.

While I think buying beer from independent breweries is the only way to go, I thought it would be more effective to help show who owns who.

Use this brewery who owns who list to make an educated decision when buying beer. It includes all brewery buyouts and investments.

Help me help you; if you see an error or think I am missing something, jump over to the Contact Me page and send me a message.

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Brewery Who Owns Who List

Independent Craft BreweryBreweryOwner/Investor% OwnedYear AcquiredCityState
No10 BarrelAnheuser-Busch InBev100%2014BendOregon
Yes21st AmendmentBrooklyn Brewery (Kirin)<50%2017San LeandroCalifornia
NoAC GoldenMillerCoors100%2008GoldenColorado
YesAlpine BeerGreen Flash Brewing100%2015San DiegoCalifornia
NoAnchor BrewingSapporo Holdings Ltd100%2017San FranciscoCalifornia
NoBallast PointConstellation Brands100%2015San DiegoCalifornia
NoBatch 19MillerCoors100%2011
NoBlue MoonMillerCoors100%1995GoldenColorado
NoBlue PointAnheuser-Busch InBev100%2014PatchogueNew York
YesBoulevardDuvel Moortgat100%2014Kansas CityMissouri
NoBreckenridgeAnheuser-Busch InBev100%2016LittletonColorado
YesBrewDogTSG Consumer Partners23%2017EllonScotland
YesBridgePortThe Gambrinus Company100%1995PortlandOregon
YesBrooklyn BrewingKirin Holding Corp24.5%2015BrooklynNew York
YesCigar CityFireman Capital Partners100%2016Tampa BayFlorida
YesConcrete BeachA&S Brewing (aka Boston Beer Company)100%2015Fort LauderdaleFlorida
NoDevil's BackboneAnheuser-Busch InBev100%2016RoselandVirginia
NoElysianAnheuser-Busch InBev100%2015SeattleWashington
YesFirestone WalkerDuvel Moortgat100%2015Paso RoblesCalifornia
NoFordham and DominionAnheuser-Busch InBev40%2007DoverDelaware
YesFort CollinsRed Truck Beer Company100%2017Fort CollinsColorado
NoFoundersMahou-San Miguel30%2014Grand RapidsMichigan
NoFour PeaksAnheuser-Busch InBev100%2015TempeArizona
NoFranciscan WellMolson Coors100%2013Cork CityIreland
YesFull SailEncore Consumer Capital100%2015Hood RiverOregon
YesFunkwerksBrooklyn Brewery (Kirin)<50%2017Fort CollinsColorado
NoFunky BuddhaConstellation Brands100%2017Boca RatonFlorida
NoGenesseeNorth American Breweries100%2009RochesterNew York
NoGolden RoadAnheuser-Busch InBev100%2015Los AngelesCalifornia
NoGoose IslandAnheuser-Busch InBev100%2011ChicagoIllinois
NoHamm'sMillerCoors100%1999St. PaulMinnesota
NoHoney Brown (Dundee)North American Breweries100%2010RochesterNew York
NoHop ValleyMillerCoors>50%2016EugeneOregon
NoKarbachAnheuser-Busch InBev100%2016HoustonTexas
NoKillian's Irish RedMillerCoors100%
NoKonaCraft Brew Alliance67.8% CBA
32.2% AB InBev
NoLeinenkugel'sMillerCoors100%1988Chippewa FallsWisconsin
NoMagic HatNorth American Breweries100%2010South BurlingtonVermont
YesMagnolia BrewingNew Belgium Brewing100%2017San FranciscoCalifornia
NoOmissionCraft Brew Alliance67.8% CBA
32.2% AB InBev
YesOmmegangDuvel Moortgat100%2003CooperstownNew York
YesOskar BluesFireman Capital Partners100%2015LongmontColorado
NoPabstTSG Consumer Partners100%2014Los AngelesCalifornia
YesPerrinFireman Capital Partners100%2015Grand RapidsMichigan
NoPortlandNorth American Breweries100%2008PortlandSeattle
NoPyramidNorth American Breweries100%2008PortlandSeattle
NoRedhookCraft Brew Alliance67.8% CBA
32.2% AB InBev
NoSaint ArcherMiller Coors>50%2015San DiegoCalifornia
YesSalt LakeFireman Capital Partners100%2016Salt Lake CityUtah
NoSharp'sMolson Coors100%2011CornwallEngland
NoShock TopAnheuser-Busch InBev100%2006Fort CollinsColorado
YesShort's BrewingLagunitas US Holdings LLC (Heineken)19.9%2017BellaireMichigan
YesSouthern TierArtisanal Brewing Ventures100%2016LakewoodNew York
YesSpoetzl (Shiner)The Gambrinus Company100%1989ShinerTexas
NoSquare Mill CiderCraft Brew Alliance67.8% CBA
32.2% AB InBev
NoStaropramenMolson Coors100%2012PragueCzech Republic
YesSweetwaterTSG Consumer Partners<50%2014AtlantaGeorgia
NoThird ShiftMillerCoors100%2013
YesUintaThe Riverside Company<50%2014Salt Lake CityUtah
NoUnibroueSapporo Holdings Ltd100%2006ChamblyQuebec
NoVeza SurAnheuser-Busch InBev100%2017MiamiFlorida
YesVictoryArtisanal Brewing Ventures100%2016DowningtownPennsylvania
NoWicked WeedAnheuser-Busch InBev100%2017AshevilleNorth Carolina
NoWidmer BrotherCraft Brew Alliance67.8% CBA
32.2% AB InBev
NoWynwoodCraft Brew Alliance24.5% CBA
(32.2% AB InBev)
YesNew BelgiumEmployee Owned100%2013Fort CollinsColorado

*Independent Craft Brewery is defined by the Brewers Association – Read More About It Here

Remember, this list is searchable and sort-able. Browse around and see if you have any breweries in your state on this list. See if your favorite craft brewery has an investor or partner. I learned a lot through this process and believe that you will too.

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