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Cuvee De 75 3 comments
Getting the latest craft beer from local breweries is always high on my list of things to do. So when there is a collaboration between two local breweries, you better believe that I intend to try it. Which leads us to earlier this month when Listermann Brewing and Warped Wing […]

Craft Beer Spotlight: Cuvee De 75 By Listermann Brewing & ...

The Best Craft Beer 6 comments
The Best Craft Beer – June 2017 June was a busy month for me; both personally and with craft beer. On the beer side, I attended the Jungle Jim’s International Craft Beer Festival, Brewed Food Cincinnati, spent a day in Columbus and of course enjoyed a fair amount of craft […]

The Best Craft Beer – June 2017

Craft Beer In Columbus 1 comment
There is great craft beer in Columbus, Ohio. I know this because so many of my friends and family tell me but I hadn’t had the chance to visit for myself. That changed this past Sunday as I spent Father’s Day in Columbus with family and got to visit a […]

Craft Beer In Columbus: A Day Trip To Fourth Street

craft beers made with peppers 2 comments
Pushing the limits of what beer can be is a crucial piece of the craft beer movement. If every beer was a simple recreation of traditional beer, I don’t think craft beer would be nearly as appealing for most of us. Finding new flavor combinations is a lot of fun. […]

Do You Like Your Beer Spicy? Five Craft Beers Made ...

The Best Craft Beer
The Best Craft Beer – May 2017 Another month; another list of great craft beer. As usual, I am taking the time to look over my Untappd check-ins to see what was the best craft beer I drank last month. Here is the best craft beer I had in May 2017: Bourbon County Brand […]

The Best Craft Beer – May 2017