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Craft Beer In Columbus
There is great craft beer in Columbus, Ohio. I know this because so many of my friends and family tell me but I hadn’t had the chance to visit for myself. That changed this past Sunday as I spent Father’s Day in Columbus with family and got to visit a […]

Craft Beer In Columbus: A Day Trip To Fourth Street

craft beers made with peppers
Pushing the limits of what beer can be is a crucial piece of the craft beer movement. If every beer was a simple recreation of traditional beer, I don’t think craft beer would be nearly as appealing for most of us. Finding new flavor combinations is a lot of fun. […]

Do You Like Your Beer Spicy? Five Craft Beers Made ...

The Best Craft Beer
The Best Craft Beer – May 2017 Another month; another list of great craft beer. As usual, I am taking the time to look over my Untappd check-ins to see what was the best craft beer I drank last month. Here is the best craft beer I had in May 2017: Bourbon County Brand […]

The Best Craft Beer – May 2017

Barrel-Aged Stouts 3 comments
Barrel-aged stouts are delicious. The combination of deep roasted flavors with the whiskey or bourbon makes these beers complex and in high demand. High demand means the most popular versions are often hard to get and very expensive. People gladly camp out in long lines for hours then pay top dollar […]

Five Barrel-Aged Stouts That Are Worth The Price And Aren’t ...

The Best Craft Beer 4 comments
The Best Craft Beer – April 2017 Another month has passed so it is time to look over my Untappd check-ins to see what was the best craft beer I drank last month. April was a roller coaster month filled with beer from all over the US. I always find it […]

The Best Craft Beer – April 2017

When it comes to IPAs, I am typically the guy that immediately wants to start talking about New England IPAs. They are delicious but I think it is really important to remember the iconic IPAs that have helped shape the modern IPA. Many of the highest regarded IPAs are still […]

Four Iconic IPAs Every Craft Beer Fan Must Try