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Rhinegeist Brewery Partners With Soul Step Records

Craft beer is never just about the beer. It’s often about connecting the community. It’s a common theme in my articles because I see it all around me. In the past, I wrote about the Cincinnati Brewers Series produced by Soul Step Records and they have another event coming up that you should know about.

These events are all about bringing music and beer together in a way that promotes local talent.

Make sure to read to the end to get all of the event details.

Cincinnati Brewers Series: A Quick Recap

The Cincinnati Brewers Series (CBS) is a partnership between Soul Step Records, local musicians and local breweries. It celebrates Cincinnati in many ways, all at once.

These events are a ton of fun. Attendees get a free concert from the music artist. They also use this event to promote the release of a vinyl record. More on the vinyl record part later.

And the brewery typically has a special beer on tap. Sounds like a great time to me; who doesn’t love live music and beer?

In the past, Soul Step Records has partnered with MadTree BrewingListermann Brewing and Braxton Brewing to support local artists Krystal Peterson & The Queen City Band, Sylmar and Young Heirlooms.

More About Soul Step Records

Soul Step RecordsSoul Step Records is all about supporting independent artists. Melvin, the owner, was once a musician himself and understands the struggle of reaching new fans. He wishes he would have been able to afford to release his own vinyl records but the cost and process were out of reach.

That is where Soul Step Records is there to help. They cover the upfront costs and then splits the profits 50/50 with the artists. This is unheard of in the music industry.

Soul Step Records operates as a non-profit so they push all the profits forward to help out the next artist they discover. They are not trying to turn a profit, they are trying to find new artists that need their help.

Rhinegeist Brewery And Modern Aquatic

The next Cincinnati Brewers Series event will be at Rhinegeist Brewery and feature Modern Aquatic.

Located in Over-The-Rhine (OTR), Rhinegeist has an enormous taproom that is ideal for events just like this one.

Here are the details:

Modern AquaticDate: Wednesday, November 22, 2017 aka Thanksgiving Eve

Time: 9:00 PM

Where: Rhinegeist Brewery – 1910 Elm Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202

What To Expect:

A free concert by Modern Aquatic

The release of a limited edition 7″ vinyl single from Modern Aquatic

Special release craft beer by Rhinegeist

Souvenir pint glass from Soul Step Records

What to know more? Check out the Facebook Event Page

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Final Thoughts

I can’t wrap up this article without highlighting that this event is on Thanksgiving Eve. This is notoriously a very busy night for people to go out. I am really excited that they’ve secured this brewery on this night. There will be a huge crowd there that will get to see and hear great music.

Soul Step Records is making these events a regular thing so subscribe to my email list or follow me on social media to keep up to date.

Music and beer are a great pairing so mark your calendar for November 22nd. Go out and support local beer and local music.

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