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Yes, you read that right. This past weekend, the craft beer community helped raise funds for baby hippo Fiona. It was a perfect blend of marketing, community outreach, and a great New England IPA.

Brewed by Listermann Brewing, the beer is called Team Fiona and 25% of the proceeds go to the Cincinnati Zoo┬áto aid in the care of a baby hippo that was born earlier this year. It’s another great example of how craft beer is doing good in our communities. Continue reading to learn more.

Who Is Baby Hippo Fiona

Baby Hippo FionaOn January 24, 2017, a baby hippo was born at the Cincinnati Zoo, it was given the name Fiona. Baby hippo Fiona was six weeks premature and weighed only 29 lbs. Most baby hippos are born weighing 55 to 120 lbs so her health was and still is a huge concern.

After months of intensive care, it appears that Fiona is doing well. Her weight is up to almost 300 lbs. It has been an ongoing story in Cincinnati. During this time, she became quite the local celebrity.

Want to know more about Fiona and keep up with her progress? Check out the Cincinnati Zoo’s blog.

Team Fiona Beer Release

Listermann Team Fiona Listermann Brewing has been releasing two canned IPAs each month since January of this year. It has been a new strategy for them and based on the long lines, it has been really successful. Most of these beers have had a hip-hop theme to them. Then a few weeks ago, they announced an additional special release for June.

This canned beer would be called Team Fiona in honor of our favorite baby hippo. Listermann Brewing teamed up with the Cincinnati Zoo to brew and can a New England IPA with 25% of the proceeds going to the zoo. The result was a public out pouring of support that the brewery could never have anticipated.

Listermann Team FionaLike most of their other canned IPA releases, this is a New England IPA. It is made with Citra and Centennial hops and weighs in at 6.2% ABV

And there was more than just beer too. They had T-shirts and custom glassware made. It was a crazy event for Listermann and the huge crowd was very enthusiastic to buy the beer and support baby hippo Fiona. And as you can guess, it sold out. A small amount of cans were distributed to select retailers but I am guessing those sold out just as quick.

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So If This Happened Last Weekend Why Are You Telling Us Now?

Ok, so this is old news but there are two things you need to know.

First, I love pointing out how breweries are teaming up with other community members to do good. And since this gives a portion of the proceeds to the zoo, it definitely is doing good for the city. Events like this are perfect for showing the world that craft beer is doing good and giving back. And even better, it invites new people into craft beer. Many of the attendees were there solely to support their beloved baby hippo Fiona and are not typically craft beer fans.

Second, Listermann has received calls from all over the world about this beer. Yes, as far away as New Zealand has asked for this beer. Unfortunately, Listermann doesn’t have the agreements, licenses, etc to get it that far but they do understand the demand for this beer. So they are already brewing more. They are anticipating releasing batch #2 around July 8th (but don’t quote me or them on that just yet).

So even if you missed out on this first round, don’t worry. Listermann Brewing is planning on bringing more of this to our great city so they can continue to meet the demand and support the Cincinnati Zoo. If you are outside Cincinnati, start contacting your trade partners now to ensure you can snag a can of it.

Would You Buy A Beer Just Because It Supported A Local Cause?

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