450 North Brewing Star Burst

Craft Beer Spotlight: 450 North Brewing Star Burst

Star Burst By 450 North Brewing

450 North BrewingIf you think I talk about New England IPAs too much . . . you might want to pass on this article. Because this Craft Beer Spotlight is all about the 450 North Brewing Star Burst – a New England IPA.

I’m sure you already know how much I like New England IPAs – especially from 450 North Brewing. So it should come as no surprise that I’m writing this.

Let’s take a look at this tasty beer from one of my favorite breweries.

Review Of 450 North Brewing Star Burst

While it’s not surprising that I’m featuring another New England IPA, what is surprising is this is a core beer for 450 North Brewing.

That’s correct, this is not a special release beer that requires lining up early or trading to get.

Maybe I’m making a big deal out of this but I find it intriguing that this style is moving into this brewery’s every day line up. We’ve witnessed this from some of the larger breweries recently but even the smaller companies are doing the same thing.

I hope this is a trend we see going forward as it will help make the New England IPA more accessible to more people. And that’s a good thing.

Let’s learn about this beer; 450 North Brewing Star Burst has an ABV of 6.7% and IBUs of 35. It comes in a four pack of 16oz cans for around $14.

Here is how 450 North Brewing describes Star Burst:

Star Burst is hopped with Citra, Simcoe, and Mosaic at a rate of 3.25# per barrel.

Initial Thoughts


450 North Brewing Star BurstIt’s hard to deny the impact that the New England IPA has had on the craft beer world. In the past, it was only the barrel-aged beers that created so much hype and demand that lines formed.

Somewhere, everyday people line up to get their hands on hazy, juicy IPAs.

But that isn’t the case for Star Burst as it is part of their core lineup of beers. This made me wonder if it could measure up to what a New England IPA should be.

This beer pours a golden-amber color with a moderate amount of haze. It’s not has opaque or murky as others in this style.

The aroma is bright with sweet, citrus aroma and the off-white head faded after a minute or so.

Tasting Notes

When you drink this one, you’ll know why they called it Star Burst. There’s a distinct sweet, fruity flavor to it.

It’s not quite tropical and not quite citrus but rather a nondescript fruit. It’s more like a juicy fruit candy flavor than anything else.

The body is a tad lighter than other hazy IPAs but I didn’t mind that and the finish has just a touch of bitterness but it passes quickly.

Final Thoughts

450 North Brewing Star Burst450 North Brewing released Star Burst back in October 2017. I wonder if they knew that other breweries would start producing quality New England IPAs as part of their core offering?

If so, it was a great move to get one onto shelves when they did. Those in Indiana can pick up a four pack of this any time they want – aren’t they lucky?!?!

While I do enjoy this beer a lot, it isn’t the super hazy, juice bombs that many expect out of a New England IPA.

This one is somewhere between an “Old School” New England IPA than a “New School”

And I think that’s a great place to be as it’s not overpowering or heavy.

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I have no doubt that we will continue to see more and more New England IPAs. And I have no doubt that there will continue to be a wide range to what this style can be.

450 North Brewing Star Burst is a great middle ground of how this style can be a little bit Old School and a little bit New School.

If you frequently trade for beer from 450 North, I recommend asking for a can or two of Star Burst. I think you’ll agree that it’s quite tasty.

Have You Tried 450 North Brewing Star Burst?

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