Lord Hobo Boom Sauce

Craft Beer Spotlight: Boom Sauce By Lord Hobo Brewing

Boom Sauce By Lord Hobo Brewing

Lord Hobo BrewingI’d be a liar if I told you that hype and marketing didn’t influence my decisions. And that truth applies directly to my initial desire to get my hands on Boom Sauce by Lord Hobo Brewing.

There is no denying that the can design is eye-catching and the name embraces the modern craft beer fan. And the striking can design doesn’t hurt.

Add that to the fact that most consider this to be a New England Style IPA and you’ve got an instant hit. And that’s before anyone has even tried it

But does this hyped craft beer live up to it’s name? Let’s dive in and check out what Lord Hobo Brewing Co. has to offer.

My Review Of Boom Sauce

Lord Hobo Boom SauceWhen it comes to New England IPAs, I’ve had my fair share. And I’ve learned that while this style has a few distinct characteristics, there really isn’t any exact way to define it.

I look for big fruit forward hop aroma and flavor. It should have a soft mouthfeel and have really low (almost no) bitterness.

Most look for a hazy appearance but that isn’t mandatory in my book. But I have found that the best ones normally will have haze.

So when I approached Boom Sauce, I had a few things I was looking for that would make it a great beer in my book.

Here’s how they describe their brew:

Our flagship IPA features six hop varietals and a blend of spelt, oat and wheat. A late hop addition of Mosaic, Falconer’s Flight and Amarillo delivers a notable citrus and tropical fruit finish.

It clocks in at 7.8% ABV with an IBU of 78. They use Pilsner Malt, Oats, Wheat for the malts and feature Ella, Mosaic, Falconers Flight and Amarillo hops.

Initial Thoughts

Lord Hobo Boom Sauce

There are some beers that look like they are going to taste good.

This is one of those beers. I have to reference the beautiful can once again. It just screams to you that you should drink it.

Then once poured, the color is a pale straw color. It created a thin, bright white head that disappeared quickly.

The aroma was full of hops. I got both tropical and “dank” in the nose. The appearance did not have the heavy haze that I often expect out of a New England IPA. But I didn’t let that deter me from anticipating what this one would taste like.

Tasting Notes

Lord Hobo Boom SauceAs advertised, this beer puts hop flavor right up front. There is ample amounts of tropical, citrus fruit notes.

It seemed to be a mix between papaya and grapefruit. So it wasn’t a sweet fruit flavor but rather one that had a little bite to it.

This is all supported by a really soft yet full mouthfeel. For me, this is what made this beer great. It drinks really smooth without sacrificing huge flavor.

It had a reasonable hop bitterness to it as well. Not as much as what is found in most traditional IPAs but still enough to notice.

Final Thoughts

This beer is a hit on many different levels.

Not only did they nail the name and can design but most importantly the made it taste great.

This is a well polished IPA that make me want more from this brewery. It was a high quality experience all around.

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I love it when a brewery starts distributing into my area. So I was thrilled when Lord Hobo brought their beer to Cincinnati.

Hailing from Massachusetts, this brewery is solely focused on IPAs and they are not messing around.

Hopefully, they can continue to see success and expand their beer to wherever you are located.

Have You Tried Anything From Lord Hobo? Did You Enjoy Boom Sauce?


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