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Craft Beer Spotlight: Cuvee De 75 By Listermann Brewing & Warped Wing Brewing

Cuvee De 75Getting the latest craft beer from local breweries is always high on my list of things to do. So when there is a collaboration between two local breweries, you better believe that I intend to try it. Which leads us to earlier this month when Listermann Brewing and Warped Wing Brewing released Cuvee De 75.

This beer was a really fun collaboration but also featured the Independent Craft Brewer Seal which was a first for me (and maybe the industry?) so keep reading to learn more about what made this beer more than just another release.

What Is A Cuvee?

First things first, lets discuss what a cuvee is. More or less, it is a blend. Typically this refers to wine but the beer world has also adopted the term. Official definition can be found here.

A cuvee is created in a few different ways. Often times it is a blend of different vintages with the goal of achieving a specific flavor. But it can also be a blend of completely different styles. In all situations, the hope it to bring out new flavors with the new mixture.

You can try this at home; just blend together different beers. It’s all about experimentation and creativity.

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My Review Of Cuvee De 75

To make this beautiful beer, Listermann and Warped Wing blended the following:

Each of these three beers are amazing on their own and quite well known in the Cincinnati/Dayton area.

Initial Thoughts

Cuvee De 75 As you can tell, I was really excited about this beer from the very beginning so expectations were high. As soon as I opened the bottle, I could smell the barrel. I poured it right down the center of a 12oz snifter. My goal was to agitate the beer and create a decent amount of head. Unfortunately, that didn’t occur. It could have been that it was a little too cold or that it was just not overly carbonated which is common with heavy beers like this one.

Tasting Notes

Out of the three beers that make up Cuvee De 75, the only one I haven’t had is Abominator. Since I’ve had two of them, I thought I knew what to expect but this beer found a way to surprise me.

It was shocking how much barrel aroma and flavor was in this beer. It wasn’t boozy or “hot” but rather smooth with a lot of oak. There were moments where other flavors like chocolate and coffee were there but those moments passed as the barrel flavor dominated throughout.

The finish had a touch of dark, bitter coffee that lingered long after.

Final Thoughts

It drinks just like a 11.2% ABV beer should drink; very heavy. I really appreciated how this beer didn’t taste like how I expected it to. Instead of having a lot of different competing flavors, the richness of the barrel-aging took over and provided a consistent experience throughout.

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Don’t Forget To Check Out The Label

Cuvee De 75I can’t end this review without talking about the label. I love marketing and these two breweries did a great job on the name and label. The label is a striking, nearly chrome silver with bold blue and red.

Interstate 75 connects Cincinnati and Dayton which are the homes to these two breweries. So the name, Cuvee De 75, is genius. They even included a map on the side.

Cuvee De 75And don’t miss the other side of the label that features the breakdown of the beers that were used in this cuvee.

And they also used the Independent Craft Brewer seal on this label. To my knowledge, they were the first to use it. Anyone else see it used before July 15th?

It’s great to see two breweries use some of their best beers to make something special for their fans. And what’s more is the quick adoption of the Independent Craft Brewer seal shows how committed they both are to our community and pushing the craft of making great beer.

Have you tried a Cuvee? Comment below and let me know about your experience.

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