Why You Should Check Out The Tavour Mail Order Craft Beer Service

I’m always interested in finding new ways to get the best craft beer. For the most part, your choices are straight from the brewery and the local craft beer shop. Outside of that, you need to know some people and do some trading to get your hands on the good stuff. But there is another option; mail order beer clubs. I’ve recently written about CraftX and their approach and now it’s time to learn about how Tavour gets craft beer into your hands.

Tavour LogoTavour is unique because they aren’t really a “beer club”. Instead they are more like a craft beer ordering system. But instead of offering a ton of different beer, they focus in on a small selection. I wanted to know more about them so I did a little research so you can decide if they are the type of service you should use. As an added bonus, I have a way that you can save $10 at the end of the article.

What Is Tavour

TavourMost beer of the month clubs send you a specific variety of beer each month. That’s a great program for those that are just wanting something new to try. But for many craft beer fans, they want more control over what they drink. They may even want control over what style and brands they receive.

That is where Tavour is steps in. Tavour is not a set program that you commit to up front. Instead, they offer up craft beer one at a time via email. Simply reply and let them know how many bottles you want. Most have some kind of limit so react quickly to ensure you get the beer you want.

They also offer an app and web interface where bottles can be ordered.

As you order beer, they start to fill up a box and when it’s full (or after a month), it gets sent to you for $14.90. Anyone that has shipped beer, knows that is a low shipping cost.

Here’s how they describe themselves:

Our goal is to get the BEST new, rare and exciting craft beer from independent breweries into the hands of beer lovers! With over 70 options a month members can build their crate with exactly the beers that they want, no commitments, and have it all shipped to them for 14.90 no matter how much they buy!

Every bottle is individually priced. So instead of paying a flat rate for a box of mystery beer, you are hand selecting what you receive. You only get what you pick; nothing more and nothing less.

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Why You Should Use Them

TavourWe all spend a decent amount of money on craft beer. It isn’t a cheap hobby so we expect a certain level of quality for the price. This is where Tavour excels. They have specific criteria for which craft beer they offer. For example, they only work with “independent” breweries. If they are owned by AB InBev, etc. then they won’t work with them. They support small breweries and know that their customers value that approach.

They also often do research on beer rating sites to see what breweries and beers are getting good reviews. Then they see if they can secure some of it to offer to their customers. They truly care about value and know that by providing great beer is why their customers choose to use them.

Here’s a few quotes from their customers:

“I love being able to try a bunch of different beers from great breweries across the country. An awesome app and service.”

“The only way to try craft beer, anticipation in a box.”

“Opening up my Tavour box feels like Christmas every month.”

As you can see, their customers are big fans of their service. It truly is one of the most unique ways to get your hands on great craft beer from all over the country. If you are a die hard craft beer fan, then definitely check out Tavour.

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Final Thoughts

I know quite a few people that use Tavour on a regular basis. Some get multiple boxes per month while others buy at a slower pace. Either way, they have all reported that the service has not let them down. They feel like they have total control over what they are getting and enjoy trying new craft beer.

Tavour Craft Beer

The only downside that I have heard is how quickly the cost can add up. The bottles range in price but from what I can tell most are around $10 each. So it’s quite easy to spend hundreds of dollars each month. But in the end, you are in total control of that so you only have yourself to blame, right?

Also, they are only able to service specific states at this time; check out their Shipping Policy page to see if your state is included. And if you are in Seattle, you can opt to pick up the box and save the shipping cost.

In the never ending search for great craft beer, Tavour stand out. I highly recommend you check out there site. What’s even better is they offer a referral program; use this link to sign up and save $10 off your first order!

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