Tin Man Brewing Damascene

Craft Beer Spotlight: Tin Man Brewing Damascene

Tin Man BrewingSour beers continue to increase in popularity and availability. You will find very few breweries that don’t offer some kind of sour beer. Tin Man Brewing Damascene is one that I recently tried and wanted to share my thoughts on it.

If you aren’t a sour beer fan, please continue to read and see how this craft beer might change your mind.


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My Review Of Tin Man Brewing Damascene

Tin Man Brewing DamasceneI always love to find out the story behind the name of a craft beer.

In this case, Damascene is a unique word that I had to look up:

Dam·a·scene [ˈdaməˌsēn, ˌdaməˈsēn]
– of or relating to the city of Damascus.
– used in reference to an important moment of insight, typically one that leads to a dramatic transformation of attitude or belief:
– relating to or denoting a process of inlaying a metal object with gold or silver decoration.
Honestly, I am not sure which definition they are using here. “Moment of insight” could make sense as the beer might open up your eyes to what a sour beer could be. Or “inlaying a metal object” could reference the brewery’s name, Tin Man.

Either way, this beer gave me a moment of insight into the great beer they are producing but more on that later.

Here’s how Tin Man Brewing describes this beer:

Unique, refreshing, and far from ordinary, Tin Man’s Damascene Apricot Sour is a blend of traditionally soured ale and apricot juice.

Pouring a straw-pale color, this beer’s aroma has hints of lactic acid bite dominated by the smell of fresh apricot. The tartness from the sour ale is balanced by the distinct taste and sweetness of apricot, creating a flavor reminiscent of sour candy and fresh fruit.

Exceptionally refined and highly drinkable, Damascene Apricot Sour is a delicious example of what craft beer can be.

20170906_200637Initial Thoughts

This beer weighs in at 5.2% ABV which is moderate to high for a sour ale of this kind. And the IBUs are 12 so I expected a really easy drinking sour ale; however, I didn’t know how much sweetness the apricot juice would add.

When I opened the can, I didn’t get much apricot aroma until after I poured it and then the apricot was obvious.

The color was bright straw and it was obvious that it was well carbonated but like beers of this style the head disappeared almost instantly.

Tasting Notes

There is no doubt that this is a sour ale; as soon as the beer hits your tongue you get a big punch of tartness.

This is quickly followed by the apricot which is quite sweet. The lasting flavor is the apricot sweetness which helps balance out the tartness and make it very easy to drink.

In addition, the lactic acid in sour beers can sometimes provide a very heavy feeling. But not this one. Not only was the body light but it also finished that way.

I have to comment that the apricot added more sweetness than fruit flavor but it all worked very well together.

Final Thoughts

There are lots of people that haven’t learned to like sour beers yet and I completely understand. They are often bold and harsh.

That is why I really enjoy sour ales with fruit in them. Tin Man Brewing Damascene is an excellent example of how a sour beer doesn’t have to be harsh.

This is one that I would highly recommend to sour fans or those that have struggled to like sours. The sweetness and light body will ensure that it is much easier to drink than others in this style.

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DamasceneEvery beer is a small adventure.

From discovering more about the brewery and the name of the beer to tasting it and finding new flavors.

This craft beer provided all of that. The name is quite interesting and the beer takes on both tart and sweet in a very satisfying way.

Tin Man Brewing Damascene is an excellent example of a fruit sour ale that has lots of sweetness to help balance out the tart flavors.

So if you are new to sours; don’t be afraid of this one. I think it is balanced and isn’t too tart to scare you away.

If you are accustomed to sour beer then I think this one will be a great one to enjoy when you want something with fruit sweetness to it.

What Is Your Favorite Fruit Sour Beer?

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