The Midwest Fruit Tart Ale

Why You Need To Try A Midwest Fruit Tart Ale

The evolution of beer in the modern world is amazing. Historically, Rhineheitsgobot restricted what beer could be. Then prohibition eliminated competition and led the way for the macro lager phase. It wasn’t until recently that true innovation with beer has been widespread. One of the most recent innovations is the Midwest Fruit Tart Ale.

For most, this isn’t a term you’ve ever heard; however, you’ve probably had one. You haven’t heard of the term because it is new and there are only a few breweries that are using it. These breweries believe that this style is unique and important to craft beer so they are helping to spread the word.

What Is A Midwest Fruit Tart Ale

I am really lucky to have Urban Artifact in my area (in fact just minutes from my house). They are one of the funkiest breweries around and are driving the use of the phrase Midwest Fruit Tart Ale to describe many of the beers they produce. In fact, most of my knowledge on this style is directly from them.

The Midwest Fruit Tart Ale has these unique characteristics:

  • Intense Real Fruit Flavor And Aroma
  • Moderate To High Clean Lactic Acidity
  • Moderate To High ABV
  • Malt Profile Designed To Support The Decadent Beer

These beers could be described as a smoothie-like brew full of intense fruit flavors. They will look, taste and smell of the fruit they were made from.

While they are tart, they should not be aggressively sour. In addition, they should not have any artificial fruit flavors. To achieve this, only real fruit can be used.  The brewery should focus on balance and drink-ability more than anything.

Check out this page from Urban Artifact to learn more about the Midwest Fruit Tart Ale brewing process

One of the best, well-known, breweries that make beers in this category is New Glarus Brewing. Their beers like Raspberry Tart and Serendipity are ideal beers to get if you want to try this style.

Why The Term Was Created

Sometimes the words we are given are good enough to describe what we are experiencing but sometimes they aren’t.

Language continually evolves and so does craft beer styles. That is how the name of this style came to be. Yes, you call this a fruit beer and you’d be right.

However, as my article on Fruit Beer explains – it’s a really confusing style. Any style beer can become a fruit beer so it’s not a helpful description.

Sour beer is also an equally confusing style. These beers can range from tart kettle sours to traditional sours that have been aged for years and have a deep, sour flavor to a wild ale that has an earthy, farmhouse funk to them. All are quite different but often are put into the same category.

To help better inform customers, using the term Midwest Fruit Tart Ale not only tells us that there is fruit in the beer but also that the base beer is a sour ale. It also lets me know that real fruit was used and I should expect a heavy, sweet, and tart beer.

Lots of styles have seen this kind of evolution as new terms are added to better describe the beer. Just take IPA as an example, There are now English, American, Session, Double, Triple, New England, Rye and probably a handful others. As craft beer pushes beer into new places; we will need better ways to describe them. Urban Artifact is helping drive attention to these beers and encourage the use of the style name.

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Why You Need To Try It

Trying new beer is something that I truly enjoy. The ability to always find something new and unique drives me to want to try more and more.

So it was only natural that I found these Midwest Fruit Tart Ales to be really intriguing. For Urban Artifact, they are canning these beers and releasing them on a regular basis. However, they are still small batches that disappear from shelves rather quickly. Chasing their latest release is a lot of fun.

I am encouraging everyone to try the newest released beer because it is so unique. For many, the idea of a sour beer is not appetizing. However, with the additional of tons of fruit, these beers have a side to them that you won’t understand until you try it.

You need to try these because I feel that this style is set to explode. The huge fruit aroma and flavor makes this a much easier beer to get to know and therefore has huge potential to attract more and more craft beer fans.

Check out your local breweries and see if they make anything close to these. Then ask if they’ve heard of the term Midwest Fruit Tart Ale. If they haven’t then send them a link to this article.

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Why It Is Important To Craft Beer

When you do something different, it is important to denote it. Let your customers know what you’ve created is unique and different. The Midwest Fruit Tart Ale beers that I’ve had are high quality and deserve special attention.

This isn’t just another fruit beer.  Yes, it is a fruit beer but that category is very wide while this term narrows the definition.

And for those that are new to craft beer, creating additional (and helpful) style names makes it much easier to learn what they like. These are not just fruit beers and they are not just sour beers. They focus on real fruit and providing a highly drinkable, tart, fruity experience.

Have You Tried A Midwest Fruit Tart Ale?


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