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4 Watermelon Craft Beers Perfect For The End Of Summer

Summer is ending soon . . .

The hot days of August are hopefully going to turn into lower temperatures in September. But before you jump into drinking pumpkin and oktoberfest beer, take some time to enjoy some of these watermelon craft beers that are ideal for the last hot days of summer.

Some of these are just around for the summer so you’ll need to move quickly to get some. Others can be found year round but either way grab some to deal with any hot days that we have left for this year.

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Hell Or High Watermelon

21st Amendment Brewery | San Francisco, California

ABV: 4.9% | IBU: 17

Hell Or High WatermelonHell Or High Watermelon takes a great wheat beer and adds just a touch of watermelon to bring out some sweetness. This isn’t a sugar sweet beer but rather just enough watermelon to brighten the flavor.

Wheat beers are perfect for summer. They have enough body and flavor without being heavy. Most have low ABV as well so you can enjoy a few at a time.

This one is ideal for those that want just a touch of fruit without masking any of the wheat beer flavor.

It’s available April through September so grab it while you can.

Juicy Watermelon

New Belgium Brewing | Fort Collins, Colorado

ABV: 5% | IBU: 7

New Belgium Juicy WatermelonBrewed with watermelons and lime, this is the kind watermelon beer comes at you with an aroma full of sweet watermelon. There are slight tones of lime and other fruit as well.

This is followed up by a flavor that is a balanced mix of sweet and tart. This tartness makes it refreshing while the sweetness helps satisfy your desire for a beer with lots of flavor.

Juicy Watermelon is quite different from Hell Or High Watermelon in the way that it brings more sweetness and adds tartness. Drink this one if you desire something with a little more sweetness.

Briney Melon Gose

Anderson Valley Brewery | Booneville, California

ABV: 4/2% | IBU: N/A

Anderson Valley Briney Melon GoseMoving even further down the flavor scale, Briney Melon Gose takes the idea of a watermelon beer to a sour level. I find Gose style beers to be more tart than sour but you can judge for yourself.

This beer uses the subtle watermelon flavors and aromas but still has the salty, tart flavor that this style is known. It packs a bite of acidity that finishes clean and dry.

You can find this one year round but I find it to be especially refreshing when the humidity is high. There’s something about the bite of a tart beer that helps me ignore how hot it is.

This Anderson Valley beer is ideal for those that want a tart beer in the summer.

Woltermelon Blonde

Municipal Brew Works | Hamilton, Ohio

ABV: 4.8% | IBU: 15

Municipal Brew WorksI couldn’t leave this one off of the list. While the beers above can be found in many areas, this one is a Cincinnati favorite that you are only able to find in the taproom and at a few select locations.

Before I got into why this beer is so good, I have to mention the origin story. Municipal Brew Works honors Patrick Wolterman, a fallen firefighter, with this beer. He was a firefighter in Hamilton that loved watermelon beer so this was quite fitting.

The beer is created by taking their flagship Approachable Blonde ale and infusing it with fresh watermelon. The result is perfect. It is light, crisp, juicy and has just the right amount of watermelon aroma and flavor. This is not a sweet beer but instead refreshing and perfect during the summer.

If you are in the Cincinnati area, get out to Municipal Brew Works and get this beer while you still can.

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There are a lot of fruited craft beers available and depending on the style; I am normally a fan. They pair well with food, grill outs, hot weather or just relaxing at the end of the day.

I wish there were more watermelon beers available. They have a nice, subtle sweetness which I appreciate. Some may say that watermelon is too soft of a flavor to really make a difference but these watermelon craft beers have always been good to me and I think you’ll enjoy them.

Have You Tried Any Watermelon Craft Beers? What Are Your Favorites?


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