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Craft Beer Podcasts You Should Listen To

A year or so ago, I started listening to podcasts and I haven’t looked back. Among the many that I subscribe to, quite a few are craft beer podcasts.

These craft beer podcasts range from informative to entertaining and all allow me to better connect with the craft beer community.

Podcasts are quickly growing in popularity and it’s easy to see why. I enjoy them because it is a passive form of engaging since it can be done while doing other activities; driving, exercising, cooking, working etc.

Why I Listen To Craft Beer Podcasts

In the past, I would listen to music on the radio but not anymore. I find podcasts to be much more entertaining and I often learn something too. They make my daily commute pass by quickly.

There’s a wide range of podcasts that I listen to but for the most I listen to programs that teach me something.

When it comes to craft beer podcasts, I want to learn more about beer, the community and current trends.

Not only are they entertaining but I feel like I am part of the community when I listen in to what’s happening in the world of craft beer. Most are quite well done, they stay on topic and accept feedback from their audience.

And these just aren’t beer review shows either; they really talk about current topics and trends. They know their beer and they want to help spread the word of craft beer to the masses.

Craft Beer Podcasts I Listen To

Steal This Beer

Craft Beer Podcasts Steal This BeerMany podcasts are conducted in an interview style and that is how Steal This Beer works.

The hosts are Augie Carton (owner of Carton Brewing), John Holl (Beer Writer) and Justin Kennedy (Producer and Writer).

They bring on a guest to have a candid conversation about what beer is. Not what they thought it would be, wished it would be or told it should be. They focus on being authentic and real.

Part of the program includes a blind tasting. The guest brings two beers to the interview and the hosts are served the beer in black, opaque glasses. They can only smell and taste the beer. They attempt to reveal what it is and talk about where and how they would drink a beer like that.

The tasting notes are always a lot of fun and I am continually impressed with how accurate they can be.

Have A Drink

Craft Beer Podcasts Have A DrinkWhile they offer both audio and video episodes, I’ve only listened to the audio episodes. I should probably find time to watch the video episodes as well.

This show is hosted by Christopher Walker, Justin “Bob” Frasure, Brittany Leigh Walker, and Casey Price.

They invite the audience to learn along with them about beer, spirits, and other drinks. Each episode has a specific theme but most are beer focused.

There are a few things I love about this podcast:

  • It’s obvious that they are close friends
  • Most of them only knew a little bit about the topic when they started making it authentic and real
  • Follow up on the above, they are not pretentious in any way
  • I’ve met them a few times and they are great people

If you want to learn more about different alcoholic beverages without having someone talk over your head then this is for you. They are thorough and explain terms and details really well.

I’ve really enjoyed the shows about specific breweries. For example, the one on New Belgium gave me a greater appreciation for who they are and what they are currently doing for the craft beer community.

Cincy Brewcast

Craft Beer Podcasts Cincy BrewcastWhile the other podcasts on this list are great for anyone, anywhere; this one is focused on Cincinnati. I can’t help but promote my favorite local podcast.

And it doesn’t hurt that I’ve co-hosted a couple episodes with more (hopefully) in the future.

This podcast is hosted by a friend of mine, The Gnarly Gnome. He’s a great guy that covers the Cincinnati Craft Beer scene better than anyone.

Most of the episodes are recorded onsite at breweries where he interviews someone from the brewery. Some are even done at special events which are always a blast.

If you want to get to know the Cincinnati craft beer community better, I don’t think there is a better way than to listen to the Cincy Brewcast.

Market The Brew

Market The Brew PodcastI’m a marketing junkie. Learning more about marketing trends, practices and strategies is something I love doing.

So when you combine craft beer with marketing, I am sold.

Market The Brew is a podcast that focuses on marketing within the craft beer industry. They interview those that work in the industry and discuss the marketing practices that they’ve used.

Much of what I love about this podcast is the ability to see behind the scenes. The guests are typically very open about discussing how they market and where the industry is headed.

It’s a great way to become more educated about the successes and struggles in being a brewery in the craft beer world.

Tap The Craft Podcast

Tap The Craft podcastI compare this podcast to a conversation among friends. Denny Luce, John Ream and Kris McKenzie share their thoughts on craft beer in an approachable way.

Most of the podcast is about the beer they’ve been enjoying, discussing recent beer news and diving into an educational topic.

On top of that, John is the owner of a brewery that is set to open in early 2018. His brewery, Trek Brewing, is located just west of Columbus, OH in Newark. As a listener, you get to hear the details of what it is like to open and operate a brewery.

These guys are not over-produced or pretentious. They are the kind of guys I want to grab a beer with some day.

Better On Draft

Better On Draft podcastThis podcast is also pretty extensive website full of beer reviews and other content. And while they are Michigan focused, those outside of that great beer state can still get a lot out of it.

Most of the hosts are involved in the beer industry so they provide great insight into the current and future of the industry.

They have a guest on each which from a brewery that brings along beer for them to try while they talk beer.

If you are in Michigan, this is a must listen podcast but even if you aren’t, give them a shot.

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The Future Of Craft Beer

I often think about the future of craft beer when listening to these programs. While these craft beer podcasts are a great way to educate and discuss craft beer, they are also for the ultra craft beer fans.

The average craft beer drinker probably doesn’t listen to podcasts about brewing. And I get it; many just want to enjoy the beer for what it is and do not feel the need to learn more about it.

However, I would encourage all craft beer drinkers to find a way to continually learn more about the beverage we love so much. Through education, craft beer will continue to grow and find new fans.

Sites like this one are great for learning about craft beer but so are podcasts so pick one of the above and give it a listen. If you are like me, you’ll be hooked.

What Craft Beer Podcasts Do You Listen To?


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