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Home Brew Collaborations And A New Brewer: March First Continues To Evolve

March First BrewingTo stay ahead, craft breweries must be willing to try new things and add more resources. Sometimes that means new recipes or new activities or adding more fermenters or an additional brewer. A Cincinnati brewery is using home brew collaborations to help encourage creativity and community as well as adding another brewer to continue their growth.

Cincy Beer Labs – Home Brew Collaborations

The heart and soul of craft beer originated in home brewing. Many professional brewers began by making their own at home. For that reason, March First Brewing has decided to create a program to celebrate and collaborate with them.

“Cincy Beer Labs” connects the growing home brewer community with the professional brewing industry in order to create a lasting bond between the community that already loves Cincinnati’s beer and the brewing industry.

March First BrewingIt’s a great plan to help bring some creativity and connection to the brewing community.

Twice a month, a home brewer will get the chance to brew their recipe with the March First team on the professional system. It will be spotlighted with a release party every other Wednesday. However, the first release will be on Tuesday September 12th.

The first of this Home Brewer Collaboration Series is called “Highlands House California Common Lager”. Which is a great fit for a brewery that has invested heavily in their focus on lager beers.

Here’s what March First has to say about the program:

We want to bridge that gap because we see a real opportunity for both sides to not only learn from each other, but build lasting relationships. – Lauren Haney, Director of Marketing.

I can’t wait to create with other brewers that share the same passion I have for making the best tasting beer possible. – Shae Pridemore, Head Brewer.

Home brewers have a lot of passion and skill so this is an exciting program and a great reason to go visit our friends at March First even more often.

Adding A New Brewer

In addition to the Cincy Beer Labs program, March First has also added another brewer recently.

If you aren’t aware, March First produces beer, cider and spirits. So they have a lot going on so adding another brewer is critical to their long term success.

The new brewer is Ben Ramsey. He is local and comes from Old Firehouse Brewery where he’s spent the last the last three years. Prior to that, he worked at Alltech Brewing and Distilling in Lexington, KY. So he knows the business and the area quite well. His experience and passion for craft beer will be a huge asset as March First ramps up their production.

I’m extremely excited for the opportunity to join the March First team, and cannot wait to see what new and exciting things we will be doing here. – Ben Ramsey

With the departure of Ben Ramsey from Old Firehouse Brewery, they needed to find a new brewer and they didn’t waste any time. Chris Wright, former fire fighter, will be stepping in there and taking over the brewing responsibilities. Things are looking bright for this brewery in Williamsburg as they are excited about their new brewer.

Learn More About March First Brewing

Brewery evolution create creativity and community. And even though March First is still a brand new brewery, they are making huge moves to ensure they are moving forward at all times.

Make sure you check out March First. They have six packs in retail locations throughout the city and their taproom will be the place to get a taste of these special home brew collaborations.

Home Brewers, What Do You Think About Collaborating With A Brewery?


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