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Brink Brewing: College Hill Gets Their Own Brewery

Guess what’s happening this weekend . . .

Yes, you’ve guessed correct – another brewery is set to open! Cincinnati, Ohio is ready for the Brink Brewing Grand Opening this Sunday – February 19th, 2017 at noon. I am really excited about this brewery and am happy to provide you with a quick preview of what they have in store.

Getting To Know Brink Brewing

Brink BrewingSo, I’ve been following Brink Brewing since late summer when I first read about them via this post by Beer Mumbo.

I got a chance to meet the people behind Brink Brewing when they invited me to stop by to see the taproom. John McGarry (CEO), Andrew McCleese (President), and Mark Landers (Brewer) gave me a tour of their space and the vision they have for their taproom which was still being constucted. Kelly Montgomery (Head Brewer) and Sarah McGarry (Marketing Director) were not able to be there for my visit but are key members of the team making Brink Brewing a reality.

Then earlier this year, Marty’s Hops & Vines, a local craft beer and wine shop/bar, hosted an event to welcome them to the community. Since they were still waiting for permitting, they were not able to serve their beer but it was great to see people gather together in support of them.

Finally last night, I got to experience their taproom and beer for the first time at their soft opening. My excitement about Brink Brewing has been validated.

The space is gorgeous. They used their 3,200 sqft in a manner that maximized brewing, bar area and seating. Everything has it’s place and everyone will feel welcomed here. I can see myself spending a lot of time there.

Grand Opening Details

Where:     College Hill – 5905 Hamilton Ave, Cincinnati, Ohio 45224

What:        Grand Opening

When:       February 19, 2017 – Noon – 9 PM

Parking:    Lot behind Brink as well as street parking on Hamilton Ave

The Craft Beer

They just opened their doors so as you would expect there are only a handful of beers to choose from. But you are in luck because they are delicious!

Broken Sprocket (5.9% ABV – 38 IBU) This is a dry-hopped amber ale. Really smooth with a nice touch of hops but without the bitterness. This stood out as the most unique beer they are offering right now.

Brink Brown (5.0% ABV – 25 IBU) Notes of caramel and nuttiness make this the easiest drinking beer on their list for me. Based on those around me, this may be their most popular beer at opening.

Fashionable Late Session IPA (5.1% ABV – 51 IBU) This is not your standard Session IPA, it has a bold grapefruit aroma and flavor. They use Citra and Mosiac hops to appeal to the latest IPA trends. I see this being a new local favorite IPA.

J-Boy IPA (6.5% ABV – 60 IBU) Azacca and Equinox hops take the front seat on this one while flaked oats add body. This was my favorite and I highly suggest you give it a try.

Debbie Jean Blonde (4.6% ABV – 20 IBU) Everyone needs to offer a blonde ale, right? Well this is their offering and if you are looking for a light bodied beer with tons of flavor then you will be quite happy.

Coming Soon – Of course more styles are brewing as we speak. Kelly Montgomery (Head Brewer) spoke of an Old Ale, Milk Stout, Wheat and a few others that are on their way. This is going to be the type of brewery that is always experimenting and giving us new reasons to stop in for a pint.

Unique Features Of the Taproom

A 3,200 sqft space doesn’t give the Brink team a lot of space so they had to be intentional and creative. Luckily, Sarah (Marketing Director) is the award winning designer of the Molson Coors HQ taproom. Her design skills are evident in this taproom. Here are some of the most unique features.

Community Table and Logo Wall

The large community table is made from Cincinnati Walnut and Denver Beetle Kill Pine. Merging these two types of wood is symbolic of how Brink is celebrating both Cincinnati and Denver. John and Sarah McGarry live in Colorado so it is important that the taproom brings the two areas together.

The wall directly behind this massive table is made from the same Denver Beetle Kill Pine. It draws your eye as soon as you enter the taproom from the Hamilton Ave entrance.


Brink Brewing GlasswareSo I can’t be a craft beer blogger and not be a little bit of a beer snob . . . it comes with the territory. So I was really happy to see the glassware that Brink will be using. Even their flight glasses are ideal for craft beer, great touch!

Craft beer enthusiast will appreciate how it adds to the drinking experience by brining out more aromas and flavors. But even the craft beer novice will notice how the glassware adds to their branding.

Beer Label Wallpaper

Brink Brewing RestroomNot to be weird . . . but you have to go to the restroom when you visit Brink Brewing.

The walls are covered by beer labels that the Uncle of John and Kelly collected over several decades. I don’t think there is anything quite like it anywhere.

Garage Doors

It’s hard to miss the half garage doors that sit on either side of the front entrance. During good weather months, these will be opened so patrons can sit and watch traffic and people move up and down Hamilton Ave. And on the back side of the building, there is another full size garage door that opens to a patio area. This is also where food trucks will park.

Restored Brick and Tile Ceiling

One of the most visually attractive areas of the space if the long exposed brick wall that flanks the left side of the taproom and how it contrasts with the tile ceiling directly above it. Both of these are original to the building that was built in 1926. There was meticulous work done to restore and preserve these two elements.

Giant Scrabble

Brink Brewing ScrabbleJust inside the front door and to the right, you will find a giant scrabble board game on the wall. I don’t know where they found this but it is a great use of their vertical space.

I haven’t played Scrabble in years but look forward to challenging friends and family. Loser buys the next round, right?

Want to Know More About Brink Brewing

Brink BrewingIt is going to be an exciting weekend for the team that has brought Brink Brewing to College Hill and Cincinnati. The craft beer community is rooting them on and I have a feeling they are going to be very successful. To learn more about them, go visit them, try their beer and experience their vision.

Check out their website where you can learn more or easily link to their social media.

I will have another post next week about Brink Brewing and how their brewery is reminder of how the industry is changing. Subscribe below to make sure you see that post!

After you visit Brink, let me know what you think.

If you aren’t in Cincinnati, then tell me what you like most about the latest brewery to open near you.


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