Grainworks Brewing

Grainworks Brewing: Cincinnati Brewery Growth Continues

Grainworks Brewing Logo Are you ready for another new brewery to open? If you live north of Cincinnati then you are going to be thrilled to hear about Grainworks Brewing.

Cincinnati already has a large amount of breweries in the Central and Eastern neighborhoods but the North and West areas have taken a little longer to develop.

This is changing quickly as there have been more and more open up recently. One of those is Grainworks Brewing which is set to open soon and join a few others North of the city.

Grainworks Brewing

Grainworks Brewing Beer GlassLocation, location, location – It’s a business basic and I think that Grainworks Brewing has figured out that part of their business plan. Located in the West Chester and Liberty Township area, they’ve picked a fast growing area for their brewery. In fact, about 2 years ago a huge shopping center opened just minutes from Grainworks Brewing.

Founders (Steven Brock, Anthony Russell, and Brian McGinnis) have been working on Grainworks for over two years. They all live in the Liberty Township area and are excited that they get to bring craft beer to the place they call home.

“We love craft beer and entertaining friends, and starting a brewery is an idea which we had
always kicked around. Talking with our neighbors, we picked up on their desire for more options
to enjoy fresh, locally-made beers close to home,” said Steven Brock, “So we set out to to make
great beers in a comfortable, yet vibrant environment in our backyard.”

Grainworks Brewing PatioThese three guys aren’t just crafting the beer; they also designed and crafted most of the taproom; including:

  • Taproom tables
  • Bar
  • Farm/Industrial Accents
  • 1,500 sqft patio

Putting that kind of personal touch into their brewery gives you a real picture of what this means to them. They want to share their passion for beer with you and hope that you enjoy the space just as much as the beer.

“We are craftsmen in every sense of the word and want to share our passion for beer
after a good day’s work with our friends, neighbors, and community,” Brock said. “We believe
they will be pleasantly surprised with the results.”

They’ve put the work in and now it’s time to show the Cincinnati craft beer fans what they have.

Grand Opening Details

Saturday, September 9, 2017  –  11 AM – Midnight

7790 Service Center Drive, West Chester, Ohio 45069

They will have 6+ beers on tap:

  • Haybale  |  ESB  |  5.3% ABV  |  39 IBU
  • Scottish Mists  |  Scottish Ale  |  5.5% ABV  |  28 IBU
  • Killjoy  |  Porter  |  6.1% ABV  |  38 IBU
  • My Blue Heaven  |  Blueberry Ale  |  5% ABV  |  39 IBU
  • Rusty Bumper  |  Brown Ale  |  5.5% ABV  |  28 IBU
  • What Pressure?  |  West Coast IPA  |  6.5% ABV  |  64 IBU
  • And maybe a few others!

Grainworks Brewing BrewhouseAnd they didn’t forget about food. They’ve partnered with Liberty Township-based Lyon’s BBQ to be on site to serve up legitimate Texas-style beef brisket and pulled pork straight out of the smoker, along with various sides.

So come hungry and thirsty as they will be ready. The Scottish Ale is what I am most excited to try. It’s not a style I see often enough.

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Final Thoughts

Grainworks Brewing West ChesterThere is little doubt in my mind that Grainworks Brewing is going to be a success. They are conveniently located right off of 275 by Voice Of America Park, Liberty Township is a hotspot right now and there isn’t another brewery close by. Their location is perfect to meet the immediate needs of this area and I think this will be a huge benefit to their future success.

I encourage everyone to check out this new place and if you like it then support it wholeheartedly. I look forward to checking out their space and trying the beer. If they can make great beer and provide an exceptional taproom experience then they should do quite well.

Check out their Facebook page to learn more and don’t forget to mark you calendars for Sept 9th

Do You Plan On Attending Their Grand Opening?


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