MadTree Dreamsicle Artwork 2 comments
I am a huge fan of marketing; especially when it applies to craft beer. It’s interesting how a brewery can use marketing to move craft beer into the minds of more and more people. Marketing helps change mindsets and influences decisions. That is what makes the story of MadTree Dreamsicle […]

MadTree Dreamsicle: The Power Of Marketing Or The Community?

Do Dogs Belong In Taprooms 4 comments
If you know me at all then you would know that I am not the biggest fan of pets. Some may assume that means that I didn’t have any growing up. It was quite the opposite, throughout my childhood we had dogs, cats, fish, lizards and birds. Not sure why, […]

Do Dogs Belong In Taprooms? – Ohio Doesn’t Think So

Fruit Beer 4 comments
There are so many different styles of craft beer and honestly, I love most of them. Fruit beer is the style that originally got me interested in craft beer – I’m looking at you Sam Adams Cherry Wheat. There was something about the cherry that helped me enjoy that beer […]

Fruit Beer: What Is It And Why Are We Seeing ...

450 North Brewing The Great Eclipse 1 comment
Seems like you couldn’t escape the solar eclipse news over the past few weeks. The hype hit its pinnacle late last week when there was a severe shortage of eclipse glasses. It’s a big event so we shouldn’t be surprised that there was so much hype over it. Included in […]

Craft Beer Spotlight: The Great Eclipse

Lupulin Powder
I love hops. It’s a topic that some may think is over played but I consider it one of the most important factors driving modern craft beer. There are so many different varieties and more being created all of the time allowing us to explore new flavors. Outside of new […]

Lupulin Powder: The Future Of Hops?

450 North Brewing Corn Maze Beer Fest
Craft beer festivals aren’t anything new. They happen just about every week in every large city. But every once in a while, there is a beer fest that makes me wonder why I didn’t think of that first. This is one of those kind of events. The 450 North Brewing […]

450 North Brewing Corn Maze Beer Fest: A One Of ...

Blank Slate Closed 12 comments
Anyone that follows craft beer in Cincinnati knows that on Monday August 7, 2017, Blank Slate Brewing closed their doors for good. This came out of nowhere and without an official announcement, we were left to speculate. I couldn’t believe that Blank Slate closed and I wanted to know why. […]

Blank Slate Brewing Closed And It’s My Fault

Brewery Who Owns Who List 3 comments
It seems like every week there is another news story about the ownership of a brewery changing. For those that are craft beer enthusiasts, we do our best to stay up to date but it can be nearly impossible. I attempted to find a comprehensive list but I couldn’t find […]

The Brewery Who Owns Who List: Make Sure You Are ...

MadTree Brewing Entropic Theory
In a world that is obsessed with barrel-aged stouts and hazy New England IPAs, it can be really difficult to stand out from the crowd. Especially when your latest release is an IPA. Seems like most are similar enough that they can fly well under the radar. That isn’t the […]

Craft Beer Spotlight: MadTree Brewing Entropic Theory