Moerlein Lager House Holiday Beer Extravaganza
Moerlein Lager House Holiday Beer Extravaganza I’ve been writing a lot about fall craft beer recently; Oktoberfest, pumpkin, and others. But since these styles are released in late summer, many have already had their fill of them and are ready to move on to winter beers. To help get in […]

Moerlein Lager House Holiday Beer Extravaganza

Halloween Themed Beers
Trick-Or-Treat For Halloween Themed Beers Drinking to theme can be a lot of fun. And from what I’ve found, there are a lot of Halloween themed beers to choose from so enjoying a spooky brew on Halloween should be easy. It might seem a little silly but we all drink […]

Try These 6 Halloween Themed Beers

Why You Shouldn't Hate IPAs
Why You Shouldn’t Hate IPAs IPAs, IPAs and more IPAs. It is by far the most popular style and therefore there are more of this style than anything else. In many ways, the modern IPA built the foundation for the craft beer revolution that we are all benefiting from today. […]

Do You Hate IPAs? 5 Reasons To Not Give Up ...

History Of Christian Moerlein 3 comments
The History Of Christian Moerlein Enjoying craft beer really isn’t a new thing when you think about it. For hundreds of years, people drank locally made, high quality beer – they just didn’t call it craft beer. Then prohibition forced breweries to close and changed everything. After prohibition ended,¬†we experienced […]

History Of Christian Moerlein – The Man, The Beer, The ...

Craft Beer Podcasts 9 comments
A year or so ago, I started listening to podcasts and I haven’t looked back. Among the many that I subscribe to, quite a few are craft beer podcasts. These craft beer podcasts range from informative to entertaining and all allow me to better connect with the craft beer community. […]

Craft Beer Podcasts You Should Listen To

Southern Tier Pumpking 1 comment
Southern Tier Pumking Review Would it be cliche if I wrote a pumpkin beer review? If so, too bad. I really do love this style and always try to have a handful of them each year; including Southern Tier Pumking. As someone that really enjoys pumpkin beer, it’s been a […]

Craft Beer Spotlight: Southern Tier Pumking

Fretboard Brewing
Fretboard Brewing – Craft Beer And Local Music Every time I hear a new brewery is opening, I get excited. I start to wonder what the beer will taste like and what the taproom will feel like. But I also wonder how this brewery will be unique. So when I […]

Brewery Preview: Fretboard Brewing Pairs Craft Beer With Music

Founders Brewing 2 comments
During a recent episode of Have A Drink (a podcast that I listen to regularly), they discussed the history of Founders Brewing. For many of us, we have a deep love for Founders. From their All Day IPA to KBS, I’ve enjoyed just about every beer I’ve had from them. […]

Is Founders Brewing Still Craft Beer?

Giving back to our local communities is important. And I’ve found that many in the craft beer industry are quite good at giving back. One example is the way that Fifty West Brewing is supporting¬†Starfire StoryFest. For me, I often have good intentions but fall short of doing what I […]

Craft Beer Giving Back: Fifty West And Starfire Partner To ...