I’m always interested in finding new ways to get the best craft beer. For the most part, your choices are straight from the brewery and the local craft beer shop. Outside of that, you need to know some people and do some trading to get your hands on the good stuff. […]

Why You Should Check Out The Tavour Mail Order Craft ...

craft beers made with peppers 2 comments
Pushing the limits of what beer can be is a crucial piece of the craft beer movement. If every beer was a simple recreation of traditional beer, I don’t think craft beer would be nearly as appealing for most of us. Finding new flavor combinations is a lot of fun. […]

Do You Like Your Beer Spicy? Five Craft Beers Made ...

Baby Hippo Fiona 2 comments
Yes, you read that right. This past weekend, the craft beer community helped raise funds for baby hippo Fiona. It was a perfect blend of marketing, community outreach, and a great New England IPA. Brewed by Listermann Brewing, the beer is called Team Fiona and 25% of the proceeds go […]

Craft Beer Giving Back: Baby Hippo Fiona Benefits From Beer ...

Craft Beer Gifts For Father's Day
Father’s Day is quickly approaching so now is the time to think about gift giving. Why not give Craft Beer Gifts For Father’s Day? Personally, the gift of craft beer is never a disappointment and I know that my Dad feels the same way. Here are 5 gifts that every […]

Five Craft Beer Gifts For Father’s Day

Deschutes Brewery Street Pub
I would argue that there are few things better than leveraging our love for craft beer to give back to the community. And there are many that feel the same way; including Deschutes Brewery. During the past two years, they raised over $840,000 for charities through an event called Deschutes Brewery […]

Craft Beer Giving Back: Deschutes Brewery Street Pub

The Best Craft Beer
The Best Craft Beer – May 2017 Another month; another list of great craft beer. As usual, I am taking the time to look over my Untappd check-ins to see what was the best craft beer I drank last month. Here is the best craft beer I had in May 2017: Bourbon County Brand […]

The Best Craft Beer – May 2017

CraftX 3 comments
If you are like me, you are constantly looking to try new beer from new breweries. It’s one of the many things that I love about craft beer. However, there is a limit to the selection of our local areas. That is where craft beer clubs and mailing programs can be […]

CraftX: Is This The Craft Beer Club For You?

Prepare For A Craft Beer Festival 3 comments
Craft beer festivals might be the best way to try a wide variety of brews and meet a wide variety of people in the shortest amount of time. And with summer quickly approaching; there will be plenty of them to attend. These events are often crowded so it is important to think […]

Seven Ways You Should Prepare For A Craft Beer Festival