The Midwest Fruit Tart Ale
The evolution of beer in the modern world is amazing. Historically, Rhineheitsgobot restricted what beer could be. Then prohibition eliminated competition and led the way for the macro lager phase. It wasn’t until recently that true innovation with beer has been widespread. One of the most recent innovations is the […]

Why You Need To Try A Midwest Fruit Tart Ale

Tin Man Brewing Damascene 2 comments
Sour beers continue to increase in popularity and availability. You will find very few breweries that don’t offer some kind of sour beer. Tin Man Brewing Damascene is one that I recently tried and wanted to share my thoughts on it. If you aren’t a sour beer fan, please continue […]

Craft Beer Spotlight: Tin Man Brewing Damascene

Learning To Like Sour Beers 3 comments
It was just over a year ago that I purchased Ojos Negros from Rivertown Brewery and Barrel House. It was a desire of mine to try more sour beers and Ojos Negros was going to be my next attempt to like this style. There were quite a few people telling me […]

Learning To Like Sour Beers: What You Can Learn From ...

What Is Oktoberfest
In Cincinnati, we know that fall has arrived when Oktoberfest festival season arrives. I say season because there is a series of festivals here that celebrate our German heritage. And as you can guess there is a ton of Oktoberfest beer consumed at these events. But what is Oktoberfest? And […]

What Is Oktoberfest? Understanding The Festival And The Beer

The idea that craft beer is more than just beer is an ideology I believe in. It’s so much more than the liquid in our glass. It’s the community that makes it all worthwhile and I am constantly finding more breweries that embody that mentality. Streetside Brewery is one of […]

Brewery Spotlight: Streetside Brewery Builds Community In First Year

Home Brew Collaborations
To stay ahead, craft breweries must be willing to try new things and add more resources. Sometimes that means new recipes or new activities or adding more fermenters or an additional brewer. A Cincinnati brewery is using home brew collaborations to help encourage creativity and community as well as adding […]

Home Brew Collaborations And A New Brewer: March First Continues ...

The Best Craft Beer 4 comments
The Best Craft Beer – August 2017 Making this monthly list of the Best Craft Beer I had isn’t always easy. I start by reviewing what I had, then narrow it down from there. Without fail, it seems to become more difficult each month to just list a handful. August […]

The Best Craft Beer – August 2017

Grainworks Brewing
Are you ready for another new brewery to open? If you live north of Cincinnati then you are going to be thrilled to hear about Grainworks Brewing. Cincinnati already has a large amount of breweries in the Central and Eastern neighborhoods but the North and West areas have taken a little […]

Grainworks Brewing: Cincinnati Brewery Growth Continues

Watermelon Craft Beers 2 comments
Summer is ending soon . . . The hot days of August are hopefully going to turn into lower temperatures in September. But before you jump into drinking pumpkin and oktoberfest beer, take some time to enjoy some of these watermelon craft beers that are ideal for the last hot […]

4 Watermelon Craft Beers Perfect For The End Of Summer