Cuvee De 75
Getting the latest craft beer from local breweries is always high on my list of things to do. So when there is a collaboration between two local breweries, you better believe that I intend to try it. Which leads us to earlier this month when Listermann Brewing and Warped Wing […]

Craft Beer Spotlight: Cuvee De 75 By Listermann Brewing & ...

Darkness Brewing 2 comments
Darkness Brewing is a small brewery that opened a year ago in Bellevue, Kentucky – just south of Cincinnati, Ohio. They are seeing a lot of success in their little corner of the world with plans to continue to meet the growing demand for their beer. So when I decided […]

Brewery Spotlight: Shedding Some Light On Darkness Brewing

Music And Beer
There are a lot of things that go well with beer- food, sports, etc. But how about music? It may not be something that comes to mind instantly but the connection is strong. Think back to your favorite concert; there was probably beer there. And many breweries often feature live […]

Music And Beer Collaborating In Cincinnati

SRM- What Is It And Is It Important
Have you picked up a craft beer and noticed that is lists the SRM value on it? Did you find out what it meant or just move on with reading the rest of the label? If I had to guess, you moved right past the SRM to the rest of […]

SRM: What Is It And Is It Important?

what is a sour beer 3 comments
I don’t know what is more intimidating, the initial taste of a sour beer or trying to pronounce what is in it. Lactobacillus, pediococcus and brettanomyces are not the most friendly of terms. However, answering the question; “What is a sour beer” helps us understand these beers better and appreciate the vocabulary […]

What Is A Sour Beer And How Is It Made?

Canned Craft Beers Perfect For Camping 6 comments
Last week, I spent some time at an Ohio State Park with my family. We aren’t the camping type so we enjoy the great outdoors by staying in a cabin. While there, I thought about how craft beer is so much easier to bring on camping trips now because of […]

5 Canned Craft Beers Perfect For Camping

The Best Craft Beer 6 comments
The Best Craft Beer – June 2017 June was a busy month for me; both personally and with craft beer. On the beer side, I attended the Jungle Jim’s International Craft Beer Festival, Brewed Food Cincinnati, spent a day in Columbus and of course enjoyed a fair amount of craft […]

The Best Craft Beer – June 2017

Cook With Craft Beer On The 4th Of July 2 comments
The 4th of July has always been one of my favorite holidays. It’s got everything: family, friends, fireworks and food. Grilling is probably my favorite way to cook so learning how to cook with craft beer on the 4th of July will make this day even better. So if you […]

How To Cook With Craft Beer On The 4th Of ...