Craft Beer Lager 6 comments
Ales, ales and ales. The craft beer industry is full of ales. IPAs, stout, porter, sours, and many other styles make up the vast majority of what is called craft beer. But what about the craft beer lager? Is that a thing? Well of course there are craft beer lagers […]

Why Lagers Are The Next Big Thing In Craft Beer

There are a number of different ways to enjoy craft beer – at home, at a restaurant or at the local taproom. For me, most of the the beer I consume is done at my house. Ending the day with a single beer is quite common for me. This means that the beer […]

Why Craft Beer Bombers Are The Worst

Aging Craft Beer 16 comments
Being a craft beer fan is not just about enjoying great beer. It is also about being involved in a community and learning more about the beer. One area that many want to learn about is the practice of aging craft beer; also known as cellaring. Aging craft beer is the process […]

Three Questions To Ask Before Aging Craft Beer

Craft Beer Bubble 15 comments
There are more than 5,000 breweries in the U.S. – 5,301 to be exact according to the Brewers Association. This is a shocking number considering there were only about 2,000 in 2011. Needless to say there is a huge amount of growth in the beer making industry; specifically in the […]

Are We Headed Towards A Craft Beer Bubble?

When it comes to IPAs, I am typically the guy that immediately wants to start talking about New England IPAs. They are delicious but I think it is really important to remember the iconic IPAs that have helped shape the modern IPA. Many of the highest regarded IPAs are still […]

Four Iconic IPAs Every Craft Beer Fan Must Try

The Best Craft Beer 10 comments
The Best Craft Beer – March 2017 At the end of the month, I look over my Untappd check-ins to see what was the best craft beer I drank that month. March was definitely a month of a lot of local craft beer for me. Cincinnati is quickly approaching 40 […]

The Best Craft Beer – March 2017