Smelling Craft Beer 2 comments
I think there is a stigma attached to smelling craft beer before drinking it. “Only beer snobs smell their beer; just drink it!” is what I hear in my head sometimes as I go in to sniff my freshly poured brew. As craft beer enthusiasts, we don’t want to come […]

Why Smelling Craft Beer Makes It Taste Better

Craft Beer Reviews 26 comments
Craft beer reviews and ratings are essential tools when I am at a bottle shop staring down a couple hundred different options. There are just too many beers available for me to risk guessing which to buy. Craft beer reviews and ratings are really the only way to ensure you know which […]

The Problem With Craft Beer Reviews & Ratings

Local Craft Beer 10 comments
If you haven’t read my bio yet then you may be asking yourself, “What city is Craft Beer Joe from that he thinks his local craft beer is the best?” Maybe Denver? Or Portland? How about San Diego? What about somewhere in the Northeast like Vermont? Nope . . . Cincinnati, […]

My City Has The Best Craft Beer And Why You ...

Craft Beer Community 8 comments
There is something special about the craft beer community. From the moment I got involved with craft beer, I could tell that this was more than just a hobby. Everyone I met spoke of craft beer as a way of life not just a beverage they drank on occasion. But what is […]

It’s All About The Community – How The Craft Beer ...

Do Kids Belong In A Taproom 14 comments
Do kids belong in a taproom? In the past, breweries were strictly manufacturing plants. Asking the question, ‘Do kids belong in a taproom?’      wasn’t relevant because taprooms didn’t exist. If you wanted to enjoy beer in public, the only option was a bar. It’s remarkable how all of that has changed. Breweries are […]

Craft Beer & Parenting: Do Kids Belong In A Taproom?

Wal-Mart Fake Craft Beer Lawsuit 10 comments
A headline you have already seen time and time again: Wal-Mart Fake Craft Beer Lawsuit. Yes, Wal-Mart is being sued over their Trouble Brewing “craft beer”. Craft beer is growing and large companies have taken notice; they want to get a piece of the profit in this growing trend. But has […]

What Is The Wal-Mart Fake Craft Beer Lawsuit All About?

The Best Craft Beer 12 comments
Every month, I review my Untappd check-ins and compile a short list of the best craft beer that I drank. After you read this month’s list, comment with your favorite beers and then check out last month’s list. The goal is to give you: Ideas of beers that you should try […]

The Best Craft Beer – February 2017

MadTree 2.0 Grand Opening 8 comments
MadTree 2.0 Grand Opening I knew the MadTree 2.0 Grand Opening was going to be a popular event but I never would have guessed that 15,000 people would show up. Yes, 15,000 people were in attendance on February 11, 2017 to celebrate MadTree Brewing opening up their new production facility, taproom […]

Why 15,000 People Went To A Brewery Grand Opening