Craft Beer Giving Back: Fifty West And Starfire Partner To Build Better Lives For Adults With Disabilities

Giving back to our local communities is important. And I’ve found that many in the craft beer industry are quite good at giving back. One example is the way that Fifty West Brewing is supporting Starfire StoryFest.

For me, I often have good intentions but fall short of doing what I can to help others. Limited time and resources are my typical excuses. Luckily, I connected with the Starfire Council where I learned that my love for craft beer could be a way for me to give back. And it’s been a great opportunity to work with the team at Fifty West Brewing.

In addition to Starfire StoryFest, Fifty West is hosting a beer release as a pre-event promotion. These two great events show how craft beer is working in lots of different ways to make our communities better.

The events are on October 5th and 14th – read more about them below.

If you are in Cincinnati, then you need to get to these events. But even if you aren’t, use Starfire as an example that giving back can be done in many different ways.

Starfire Council

Starfire CincinnatiThis great organization has already made its way into a few articles of mine in the past (here and here). So they are no stranger to me or this site.

You can read those articles to learn more about them but more or less they work with adults that have a disability with the goal of giving them a full life. It’s about inclusion and often means connecting them to companies, projects or activities that they have an interest.

That’s where craft beer comes into play. One such adult, Michael, loves craft beer and through Starfire he has been able to work at two breweries; MadTree Brewing and Fifty West Brewing. Including partnering to make a beer.

Starfire works with a wide range of different partners to help their adults and I think we can all be proud that craft beer is one of them.

A great place to learn more about them is on their YouTube page.

Starfire StoryFest

Starfire StoryFestEvery year, Starfire hosts an event to help raise awareness of what they are doing it is called StoryFest.

This event will help tell the stories of adults they have helped. Through song, dance, an interactive mural, food, beer, etc; you can learn how Starfire impacts people’s lives.

There will be something for everyone including a beer tasting portion which is where you will find me pouring some great craft beer from Fifty West.

Check out their site here

Makes plans to attend so you can meet the Starfire team and learn how they are truly changing lives.

Register in advance to ensure that you’ll be able to join us in celebrating those that benefit from Starfire’s work.

Register For The Event Here!

The Pre-Party And Beer Release

50 West BrewingOne of the best parts of this event (in my opinion) is the beer tasting. The beer tasting will include Wheat-eater which is a beer that Fifty West Brewing made with Michael. Starfire helped Michael fulfill his passion for beer by connecting him to Fifty West where he now works.

Starfire has worked closely with Michael to provide a sense of meaning through working at local breweries. This has transformed his life.

Being able to brew a beer shows how far Fifty West has gone to include Michael in everything they do.

You can get your hands on it early too. Fifty West Brewing is hosting a pre-party on Oct 5th at 7 PM. We will be celebrating the upcoming StoryFest event and enjoying Michael’s beer.

It will take place at Fifty West Production Works – their new building on the south side of the street.

Using Passion To Give Back

Connecting with Starfire happened quickly for me. I realized my love of beer would be useful in their execution of StoryFest. I’ve enjoyed the journey getting to know the staff and the adults that they help.

If you have a passion, I encourage you to find a way to use it to help those around you.

Our world is full of opportunities for inclusion of those overlooked and left out. I’m thrilled about continuing my connection with Starfire and helping others live fulfilling lives.

Have You Used Craft Beer To Help Those Around You?

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