MadTree Brewing Entropic Theory

Craft Beer Spotlight: MadTree Brewing Entropic Theory

MadTree Brewing Entropic TheoryIn a world that is obsessed with barrel-aged stouts and hazy New England IPAs, it can be really difficult to stand out from the crowd. Especially when your latest release is an IPA. Seems like most are similar enough that they can fly well under the radar. That isn’t the case for MadTree Brewing Entropic Theory.

Just to address the name, I am not sure what it means. You can look at this wikipedia page to learn more but it seemed like a lot of jargon to me.

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My Review Of MadTree Brewing Entropic Theory

On their site, MadTree describes this beer as:

Tropical Fruit, Dank, Smooth: This IPA hits you with huge aromas of orange, peach and apricot as soon as you open the can. The nose is followed by a smooth bitterness and soft mouthfeel as it delivers tropical fruit flavors.

They use Cascade, Chinook and Amarillo hops with 2-row, Oat Flakes, Red Wheat and Caramel 30L malts. It comes in at 7.5% ABV and an IBU of 70.

Based on that description, I knew that this was going to be something I would thoroughly enjoy.

Initial Thoughts

MadTree Brewing Entropic TheoryI am a huge fan of MadTree Brewing. I’ve written about them a few times including this post about the grand opening of their new location that attracted 15,000 people. They are a local favorite and produce high quality product on a regular basis.

There was already quite a bit of feedback on this beer by the time I got to try it. Most of it was very good while occasionally I ran across someone that didn’t care for it.

When opening the can and pouring it into my Spiegelau IPA glass, I definitely got a fruity, hoppy aroma. It was quite strong and reminded me of the aroma you would expect out of a huge Double IPA. It had a nice size white head on top of the orange or almost light amber colored beer.

Tasting Notes

The flavor was exactly what I wanted it to be. I got strong amounts of bitterness with soft touches of tropical fruit and dankness. They describe this as a “juicy” IPA because of the tropical flavor that the hops add to it but it doesn’t stray too far from what you would expect.

It finishes clean and crisp but not dry. It has the flavor of a high ABV beer but doesn’t pack the punch that you would expect from 7.5% ABV.

Final Thoughts

When I hear juicy, tropical fruit, and soft mouthfeel, I think about the popular New England IPAs that are flooding the market right now. This is not that style and it was not intended to be that. However, they have taken many of the elements from that style and incorporated them into Entropic Theory.

This is the perfect IPA when you want something new but recognizable. You want something more than your go-to IPA but don’t want to wait in line to get the latest release. This is beer that you can enjoy a few cans of without getting bored with it. It’s the perfect seasonal beer and I hope we get to see it again next summer.

MadTree Brewing Entropic Theory

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If you are looking to get away from your normal IPA, give MadTree Brewing Entropic Theory a shot. I think you will be quite happy with this one. And maybe after enjoying a few of them you’ll be able to understand Entropy Theory.

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